Analogue Artifacts is a blog about classic photography and experimental processes. I will share my personal work here. New images 5 days a week, please check it out.

The Photographer, Linus Lindgren

I am a photographer based in Sweden, I primarily works with people photography, both with private and corporate clients. I also do some product shots. Professionally, I have been a digital photographer since 2004. I never completely left the analogue world, though. In my private photography I prefer film. Now it is time to share my thoughts and my private projects on this site.

Premise of the blog

The blog will cover alternative processes, older techniques, experimental approaches and classic photography like street/documentary, architecture, portraiture and more.

I intend to publish one image every weekday with weekly themes. Only pictures exposed with analog techniques will be published. At the end of the week I will put all images in the project section as a conclusion.

Images will be digitally processed in photo editing software only with techniques that is equivalent to classical darkroom techniques such as white balance, black and white points, spot removal, dodge and burn.

There will be some digital images published in the conclusion section, like behind the scene and/or setups.

Images labeled archive are older work made between 1988 and circa 2011. If not labeled archive the work is recently processed and handled, but can be shot a few years back.

Images with border will always be uncropped and the border is always a result of the film frame or the film holder. Images without borders may be cropped.

This blog is sometimes about the finished images, sometimes it’s about the process and sometimes about failing the premise (hopefully not too often).

I encourage everyone to take part in the discussion and to share thoughts and questions about techniques and artistic views. The technical threads will be collected and put under the resources tab in the project section for easy access.

Best regards, Linus Lindgren