Picture from Santa Monica, CA
Santa Monica, CA

Street photography with Hasselblad and 50mm lens, not that common in street photography. I like it because my street photo style tends to lean towards architecture quite a bit. The Hasselblad is an excellent architecture camera.

When traveling in the USA after I was done studying photography I tried a different approach to street photography.

During school I started to take pictures on the streets, a concept I did not like and rarely did. A school assignment did force me into the world of street photography. I decided to use my Leica M2 with a 21 mm lens for the project, thinking the old design of the camera would be less intrusive when taking pictures of unknown people. So when I started my journey across the USA I tried to change it up a bit by using the Hasselblad 500c camera with the 50 mm Distagon 1:4 lens.

The composition is made easier with the larger camera, but the timing and focus handling are much harder to get right with a bulkier camera.

This blog entry is my very first pictures taken this way and should be considered as an exercise entry. Haven’t tried this much after this trip so it is time to do some more pictures this way. There will be a follow-up entry later with new pictures a possible a comparison between the old and new ones.


Image from Niagara Falls, Ontario
Niagara Falls, Ontario


Image from New York, NY
New York, NY


Image from Santa Monica, California
Santa Monica, California


Streoet photo from Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio


Street photo from Santa Monica
Santa Monica, USA