The Train Ride Project

I finally got around to finish the film with the train ride I did when I was a student in the USA. I started this a few years ago but was not satisfied with the music I tried to make my self. All of the images are shot with my Leica M2 and a 21 … Read More

Moroccan Desert Safari

In this project, I show images from a trip to Morocco about 15 years ago. A short desert safari, I spend 1 night and 2 days in the desert. Picture was taken with 135 high ISO negative film              

Playdate at Busfabriken

The images are from my privet archive. Sometimes I like to bring my Leica when doing family stuff. These pictures are from a playdate with my doter and her friend at Busfabriken in Norrköping Sweden. Sometimes I like to bring my Leica when doing family stuff. These pictures are from a playdate with my daughter … Read More

Going blue

Multiple exposure images mostly taken through the car window on bridges and in tunnels traveling to Denmark. All images were taken with Zeiss Ikon 6×6 color Kodak Portra 160 film.        

Vacation Images 2017

Some casual images shot during my vacation in Denmark and Sweden in the summer of 2017. All images shot with 135mm cameras. I had an idea to shoot images through a frosted plexiglass trying to reduce the image to a two-dimensional object before I take the pictures. Here are some examples, I might try to … Read More

Wedding Photography, Analog Style

  When I started to become a digital photographer, around 2004, I completely abandoned film in my professional work. Then a few years later I started to bring my trustworthy Leica M2 to some of the wedding shoots. The clients really appreciate the picture and sometimes they buy prints from the analog pictures. The problem … Read More

Street photography in the USA

Street photography with Hasselblad and 50mm lens, not that common in street photography. I like it because my street photo style tends to lean towards architecture quite a bit. The Hasselblad is an excellent architecture camera. When traveling in the USA after I was done studying photography I tried a different approach to street photography. … Read More

Streets of Morocco

Travel photography from Morocco, shot in Marrakech. All Images are shot with Leica M2 and 21mm lens on Tri-X developed in D76 1:1      

Multiple exposure of the Nidaros Cathedral’s architecture

  In this project I show pictures from a single session I shot when traveling in Norway, the impressive Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. Using the Zeiss Ikon 6×6 folding camera with color negative film. Taking one exposure on leaves and flowers out of focus, to create the color shift. Then shooting 3 to 6 exposures … Read More