Images from The Train Ride project. The start and end.

One of the starting images from my project The Train Ride, starting in Boston, MA ending in Santa Monica, CA. All images photographed with Leica M2 and a 21mm f4 lens using Tri-X developed in D76. I am currently trying to put together a slideshow with these old images i shot when going across the … Read More

Traveling the Skåne region in Sweden

Old hangar from WWII dismantled in England and shipped to Sweden and converted to a mechanical workshop. Train station in Malmö with local and international departures. Typical Skåne flat landscape with electric poles

School exercise with various techniques

Cyanotypes on photo paper, images of a metal fences. The paper is exposed to daylight and partially developed and fixed the normal way. Transfer made with classic Polaroid peel apart on paper, infrared image of grass. Part of a school project. Polaroid transfer on birch wood of teddy bears in a carnival stand. Cyanotype and … Read More

Image shot with Hasselblad 500 camera and a lens modifier

This time I used a homemade lens modifier on a Hasselblad 500C With a 120mm lens. The modifier is made of an old wide angle adapter. Images shot in Norrköping, Sweden. The focal plane becomes almost like a bubble and the out of focus parts has a feel of movement and rotating.