Infinite developing in C-41

  This is an experimental exercise that I have done once before. This time I tried two different films 200 and 800 Kodak 135mm film in the C-41┬áprocess. The development was over 6 hours standing in tank with slightly diluted C-41 developer. Only agitated once in the beginning. I did dilute because the JOBO tanks … Read More

Multiple exposure, a process exercise

In this project, I show multiple exposure images from the same shoot. This is a process exercise and I will show all the images from the shoot. Images are shot in an amusement park outside Kalmar, Sweden. Normally I edit and choose maybe 10 to 20 percent of the film to display. This is a … Read More

Double and multiple exposure tutorial

There are a few different styles of multiple exposure. The classic and most basic style with a cross fade look, sometimes used by film makers in the 70s and 80s. Then there is the style where the form in one exposure and the texture in the second makes the image, usually with blown out parts … Read More