The Train Ride Project

I finally got around to finish the film with the train ride I did when I was a student in the USA. I started this a few years ago but was not satisfied with the music I tried to make my self. All of the images are shot with my Leica M2 and a 21 … Read More

Moroccan Desert Safari

In this project, I show images from a trip to Morocco about 15 years ago. A short desert safari, I spend 1 night and 2 days in the desert. Picture was taken with 135 high ISO negative film              

Multiple exposure cross processed film

Multiple exposure on slide film developed with c41 One of the problems with multiple exposure is that some of the images get over exposed. It easy to lose track of the number of exposures on the same frame. When printing traditionally with chemistry it is not a big problem.Most scanners don’t handle dense negative that … Read More

Street photography in the USA

Street photography with Hasselblad and 50mm lens, not that common in street photography. I like it because my street photo style tends to lean towards architecture quite a bit. The Hasselblad is an excellent architecture camera. When traveling in the USA after I was done studying photography I tried a different approach to street photography. … Read More

Streets of Morocco

Travel photography from Morocco, shot in Marrakech. All Images are shot with Leica M2 and 21mm lens on Tri-X developed in D76 1:1      

Last weeks of work, The end of an era

  A few years ago I documented a brother and sister that run a bakery in Norrköping, Sweden. They had just a couple of weeks left before the new owners took over. Most of the images were shot with a digital camera, but I also used my Leica M2 and a couple of rolls of … Read More

Polaroid 600 pictures

When shooting with instant film I usually use some wooden tool to push the emotion during the development to get a feel of an oil painting. When scanning I remove the cover film on the edges to get a more raw border. Using different texture under the film during manipulation can change the outcome. Compare … Read More

Cityscapes: Streets of Venice, Italy

Holiday Photography in the streets, Venice, Italy. All images are shot with one of my favorite cameras, the Leica M2 with a 21 mm lens. Camera loaded with Kodak Tri-X film.          

Book project, Bikes In the Old City of Stockholm

  Image from a personal project that I made at the end of the 90s. amazed over the number of old bikes in the Old Town of Stockholm. I decided to document this phenomenon and make a book about it. Using a Leica M2 with a 21mm lens. Intentionally pushing some of the objects out … Read More