Going blue

Multiple exposure images mostly taken through the car window on bridges and in tunnels traveling to Denmark. All images were taken with Zeiss Ikon 6×6 color Kodak Portra 160 film.        

Vacation Images 2017

Some casual images shot during my vacation in Denmark and Sweden in the summer of 2017. All images shot with 135mm cameras. I had an idea to shoot images through a frosted plexiglass trying to reduce the image to a two-dimensional object before I take the pictures. Here are some examples, I might try to … Read More

Infinite developing in C-41

  This is an experimental exercise that I have done once before. This time I tried two different films 200 and 800 Kodak 135mm film in the C-41 process. The development was over 6 hours standing in tank with slightly diluted C-41 developer. Only agitated once in the beginning. I did dilute because the JOBO tanks … Read More

Klecksography, inkblots inspired photography

A new project as a part of a joint exhibition at the Spegla Photo Event in Norrköping Sweden. The premise for the exhibition is Work In Progress. I have been thinking about how to emulate the structure of inkblots for a while now, and not use ink or paint as a shortcut. Pictures taken of … Read More

Multiple exposure cross processed film

Multiple exposure on slide film developed with c41 One of the problems with multiple exposure is that some of the images get over exposed. It easy to lose track of the number of exposures on the same frame. When printing traditionally with chemistry it is not a big problem.Most scanners don’t handle dense negative that … Read More

Polaroid 600 pictures

When shooting with instant film I usually use some wooden tool to push the emotion during the development to get a feel of an oil painting. When scanning I remove the cover film on the edges to get a more raw border. Using different texture under the film during manipulation can change the outcome. Compare … Read More

Multiple exposure exercise, inspired by Cubism

The last part of the exhibition 6X6 Multiple exposure exercise Inspired by Cubism in general and Swedish painter Gösta Adrian-Nilsson in particular. Learn more about him here. These images were made with multiple exposure using a Zeiss Ikon camera with 120 color negative film. Rotating the camera after each exposure to get the cubism look. … Read More

Multiple exposure, part of my exhibition at SPEGLA 2016

The 5th installment of my exhibition 6X6. Experimenting with multi exposure in 2 elements, nature and studio shots of my daughter on black background. I had some problems with the balance between the two elements. With different light quality and intensity it is hard to predict the result. Knowing that I tried different exposures in … Read More

Color Impression, exhibition at SPEGLA 2016

Last fall, I was fortunate to be part of the SPEGLA 2016 Photo Event. My exhibition was made up of 6 parts, all images were shot on 120 film with 6×6 cameras. In all I made 6×6 images to represent this wonderful format This is part IV ”Color impressions”. Taken with a Hasselblad and a … Read More

School exercise with various techniques

Cyanotypes on photo paper, images of a metal fences. The paper is exposed to daylight and partially developed and fixed the normal way. Transfer made with classic Polaroid peel apart on paper, infrared image of grass. Part of a school project. Polaroid transfer on birch wood of teddy bears in a carnival stand. Cyanotype and … Read More