The Train Ride Project

I finally got around to finish the film with the train ride I did when I was a student in the USA. I started this a few years ago but was not satisfied with the music I tried to make my self. All of the images are shot with my Leica M2 and a 21 … Read More

Playdate at Busfabriken

The images are from my privet archive. Sometimes I like to bring my Leica when doing family stuff. These pictures are from a playdate with my doter and her friend at Busfabriken in Norrköping Sweden. Sometimes I like to bring my Leica when doing family stuff. These pictures are from a playdate with my daughter … Read More

Wedding Photography, Analog Style

  When I started to become a digital photographer, around 2004, I completely abandoned film in my professional work. Then a few years later I started to bring my trustworthy Leica M2 to some of the wedding shoots. The clients really appreciate the picture and sometimes they buy prints from the analog pictures. The problem … Read More

Streets of Morocco

Travel photography from Morocco, shot in Marrakech. All Images are shot with Leica M2 and 21mm lens on Tri-X developed in D76 1:1      

Last weeks of work, The end of an era

  A few years ago I documented a brother and sister that run a bakery in Norrköping, Sweden. They had just a couple of weeks left before the new owners took over. Most of the images were shot with a digital camera, but I also used my Leica M2 and a couple of rolls of … Read More

Cityscapes: Streets of Venice, Italy

Holiday Photography in the streets, Venice, Italy. All images are shot with one of my favorite cameras, the Leica M2 with a 21 mm lens. Camera loaded with Kodak Tri-X film.          

Multiple exposure, part of my exhibition at SPEGLA 2016

The 5th installment of my exhibition 6X6. Experimenting with multi exposure in 2 elements, nature and studio shots of my daughter on black background. I had some problems with the balance between the two elements. With different light quality and intensity it is hard to predict the result. Knowing that I tried different exposures in … Read More